Backpack - Goals, Sketches, And Where To Being

We Did It!

We were recently funded on Kickstarter, and that felt damn good. The questions is always - "what's next"?

Outside of the typical followup of a Kickstarter (running numbers, putting a PO in with the factory, purchasing shipping supplies, etc.) I'm already starting to dream up another product. And that product is a 28L Backpack.

I don't have a name for it yet - I'll probably keep going with the naming strategy that I have and call it "The Aasgard 28L Backpack". There's no need to get ahead of myself.


My goal is to make a 28L backpack that has all of the basic features one would need to get outside for a low cost. But I also want to put my mark on it as a designer - but I can't get too excited about that. I need to ensure this pack is bulletproof as far as the construction and features list first.


  • Main Compartment
    • Bladder pocket that doubles as a laptop pocket
    • Mesh pocket for easy access to goods that need to stay dry
    • 28 Liters
  • Back Frame and Shoulder Straps
    • Sturdy and comfortable
    • Allows air through so sweat pools are minimized
    • Adjustable sternum strap
    • Basic waist belt
    • Possible removable hip belt with small pockets?
    • Top carry handle
    • Top strap adjusters to pull pack close to torso
    • Padded pocket on lower back for small important items (passport, park pass, etc.)
  • Exterior
    • Daisy chains for quick attachment points
    • Ice axe/hiking pole loops
    • Side pockets that allow access while pack is worn
    • Sealed front pocket for small quick access items
    • Two or Three point compression straps for compressing the bag or carrying small rope/jacket/etc.
    • Top zip pocket for medium sized items that need quick access
    • Rear loading straps for lightweight items (sleeping pad/small tent)
    • Hydration hose slot


I have a few sketches I did that encompass the overall design of the pack I am looking for. I want the bag design to be clean and streamlined, approachable in urban environments, very effective on 1-3 day trips. I have personally summited mountains and done thru-hikes with a 28L pack, so I understand the demands these trips have when concerning gear.

Where to Begin

Now that the basic sketches are done - I'll be digitizing the sketch and then patterning the bag based on the digital sketches. A digital sketch allows me to see the bag and it's parts at scale. This is where the bag takes form, and minor (or major) adjustments are made to the design before patterning. No one likes to pattern more than once!

Once the pattern is complete I will gather my materials. Most of them I will have, but I made need to take a trip to Seattle Fabrics and some other local suppliers to get the exact materials needed to make this bag function properly.

I'll then cut and sew the bag. These initial sample bags take upwards of 12-16 hours to make. This bag I have sketched up has some technical design elements, but overall it is basic in construction. Once the sample is made, I'll begin wearing it as my daily pack (since I want this bag to also function as a daily bag for commuters and creative types like myself). If it is up to par and no major adjustments need to be made I'll begin planning a trip outside to give it a real world test. It'll likely be an overnighter around Mt. Rainier.

I hope you guys are excited as I am to see this bag come to life! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.